I am Ellen J Miller, and these are my clicking thumbs. Thank you very much, Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. That game on the GB Pocket was painful.

I write fiction, and I write fact. I am also the lead designer behind hit games like Pat Robertson's Maim Killing, Unsorted: Drake's Filing, Apple Candy-chan: Saga at the Edge of the Sweetshop, and Dewey Ex: Library Revolution.

SEGA was my bread and butter as a child, and I still hold a great affection for the company. I currently fly under the Nintendo and PC banner, as well as still having my Saturn and Dreamcast.

On TAY I tend to write one-off articles on various things, from rolling starts to the magical experience of getting my first console.


I can be found on Twitter as @EllenJMiller, and on Wordpress at my currently sporadically updated fiction blog With That She Wrote.